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Cassel Ca Pest Control

Cassel, CA Pest Control

Expert Pest & Lawn Services In Cassel, CA

Located in mountainous Northern California in Shasta County, Cassel is a small community just a short drive from a national park and plenty of other gorgeous recreation spots. While this area isn't densely populated like other parts of our state, plenty of people pass through our little community all year long.

Any time you've got lots of human activity and tourism that overlaps with the natural world, you've got conditions that are ripe for pest infestations. This is why local property owners need to ensure they are taking steps to protect themselves against invasive pests. 

Home Pest Control In Cassel, CA

Homeowners should never get too complacent with pest control, but many people tend not to worry about pests until they spot the signs of their activity. But even if you've never noticed pests around, that doesn't necessarily mean they aren't there.

Pest problems are often subtle, but they can still be dangerous and destructive. While you're unaware of their presence, pests can damage your property or even lead to disease. This is why professional residential pest control is a wise investment.

The experts at Redding Spray Service can help you deal with pests or avoid them entirely with this effective process:

  • Inspection: We check your home inside and out for signs of pests or factors that might attract them to your Cassel home.

  • Treatment: We then use our inspection findings to come up with the best treatment plan for your property, whether you need elimination or treatments that prevent future infestations.

  • Follow-up: We always follow up with homeowners a few weeks after our initial service, ensuring we've eradicated the issue.

Get started protecting your Cassel home from pests by contacting Redding Spray Service today.

Commercial Pest Control In Cassel, CA

Even businesses – in fact, especially businesses – have to worry about the damage pests can cause. The added costs of repairs and treatments can seriously impact local companies that operate on thin margins. The health impacts of a pest infestation can affect your workforce and even your reputation. And because human activity attracts pest activity, businesses tend to be more vulnerable to invasive species naturally.

This is why Cassel business owners should turn to professionals for commercial pest control. At Redding Spray Service, we're confident in our ability to help your property avoid the worst that pests can offer because of these facts:

  • Experienced: We have over four decades of experience dealing with pests, so we can handle any kind of infestation with treatments that are better than what you can buy at the store.

  • Customized Treatment: Part of the purpose of our inspections is to create a custom treatment plan that's right for your business. We don't bundle our packages because not everyone needs the same service.

  • Effective Treatments: Our treatments aren't just affordable; they also work. Rather than trying DIY that can result in the pests returning, get thorough services that eliminate the entire population and protect against future invasions.

Get started on proper commercial pest control today by contacting Redding Spray Service.

The Secret To Effective Weed Control For Your Cassel Lawn

Weeds are more than just unsightly vegetation in your yard, and they can even kill off your grass and other plants. And they aren't easy to eliminate, either. Whether you're trying to do it by hand or with costly chemicals you can buy at the store, weeds are resistant to all kinds of treatments. They tend to come right back, even if a treatment seems to be initially successful at killing them.

To truly keep your Cassel lawn looking healthy year-round, you need to partner with lawn care professionals who can make sure that invasive species aren't choking the soil and nutrients from the plants you want growing on your property. At Redding Spray Service, we don't just protect your yard against pests.

Our treatments can fend off weeds and add necessary nutrients to your lawn that help it thrive. The secret to truly effective weed control is not going it alone. Instead, contact the experts at Redding Spray Service to get started on lawn care you can trust.

How To Keep Your Cassel Backyard Free From Pests

Your backyard is supposed to be a place where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. But pest populations can put a damper on this experience and even be dangerous. From stinging wasps to biting mosquitoes, pests in your yard can pose direct harm to your health. And by the time a population has grown, it can be challenging to eliminate the problem. That's why you should get started on protecting your Cassel yard from pests even before you notice them.

With help from the experts at Redding Spray Service, you can get effective treatments that act as a shield around your entire property – fending off pesky insects before they can make homes within your yard. This not only helps you relax in your backyard, it protects you from the stings or diseases that insects can plague people with. Get started on proper yard pest control by turning to Redding Spray Service today.

How Bed Bugs Get Inside Cassel Homes

The thought of bed bugs terrifies Cassel residents. These tiny pests hide anywhere people rest, slipping into cracks or crevices your vacuum can't reach. Their bites are so soft that most people don't feel them, enabling the pests to return to their hiding spots. They don't make people sick but can cause sleeplessness and anxiety.

The most troubling trait of bed bugs is possibly the way they infest homes. Residents collect these pests on their travels and carry them home in their belongings. Some of the items bed bugs climb on or in to infest Cassel homes include:

  • Luggage
  • Purses
  • Backpacks
  • Secondhand furniture

These pests are hard to see and reach, so you should leave their removal to the experts at Redding Spray. We begin our bed bug services by checking common hiding spaces to assess the problem. We'll monitor your home for activity and use bait and liquid treatments on affected areas.

Our follow-up services include up to two visits where we'll recheck your home for bed bugs and monitor your infestation. We also offer mattress encasements to trap and eliminate the bugs in bedding. Call us to get bed bugs out of your Cassel home.

What Types Of Rodents Call Cassel Home?

The trouble caused by rodents depends on the species. Some only infest yards, digging underground and feeding on gardens. Others invade buildings through tiny entry points, chew on electrical wires, and burrow into insulation. Invasive rodents are often the most concerning because they can spread illnesses through bites and leave droppings, urine, and saliva in hidden spaces.

Cassel properties have several trees, providing homes for rodents. As a result, the town has many species that live near residences. Some of the common types of rodents that call Cassel home include:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Squirrels
  • Chipmunks
  • Voles

These pests bite when handled or threatened, making them dangerous to remove. Our Redding Spray service professionals will search your property for signs of rodents, damage, and entry points. Our monitoring devices, traps, and bait boxes enable us to find intruders, and we always use bait and glue boards to catch them. We use steel wool to seal holes and can recommend a carpenter for sizable gaps.

Following our initial service, we'll return in 14 days to monitor activity and reset bait. If you still have a problem, we recommend monthly or bimonthly services. Contact us to discover more about our Cassel rodent control services.

Tips For Natural Ant Control In Cassel

The ants that invade Cassel homes develop underground nests and infest buildings to find food and water for the colony. These creatures enter through tiny cracks or holes in your exterior and leave a chemical trail behind for others to follow. Since thousands of ants live in a colony, they'll continue infesting your home if food and water are available.

Over-the-counter sprays claim to eliminate ants, but they won't stop your infestation. Even if they destroy the ants in your house, they won't keep others from entering your yard. Fortunately, there are natural ways to deter ants from invading your house. Tips to keep ants out of your Cassel home include:

  • Solve moisture issues.
  • Wipe counters and tables.
  • Keep your food in airtight containers.
  • Remove your trash regularly.

When you call Redding Spray for ant removal, we'll eliminate those in your house and the nest. We'll also close potential entry points, leaving them no way of entering your house. Our recurring services enable us to regularly reinspect your home to find pests, entry points, and conducive conditions.

Ants are annoying and possibly dangerous pests that invade Cassel's homes. Let us know if you see ants sneaking into your house.

How Grubs And Other Pests Damage Cassel Lawns

Lawn-damaging pests can cause significant problems for Cassel properties. They can turn your grass brown and build unsightly mounds in your yard, impacting the appearance and value of your property. The type of plants they infest and how they cause damage depends on the species, but many are destructive.

Some pests infest the soil and feed on the roots of plants, while others attack the leaves and stems to steal essential nutrients. Regardless, they'll continue to damage your lawn if you allow them to remain on your property. Some of the ways that grubs and other lawn-damaging pests damage Cassel lawns include:

  • Burrow underground and feed on roots.
  • Eat grass seeds.
  • Suck nutrients from plants and trees.
  • Chew on leaves.

Pest control is part of residential lawn care, and our service professionals at Redding Spray know how to keep these pests away. In addition to providing herbicide, fertilizer, and fungicide to keep your grass strong, we can apply pesticides that control lawn-damaging pests. We'll monitor your soil and plants, eliminating threatening creatures.

Lawn-damaging pests can negatively affect the appearance and value of your property. We know how to remove these pests and keep them from returning. Give us a call to protect your Cassel lawn.

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