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Mountain Gate Ca Pest Control

Mountain Gate, CA Pest Control

Professional Pest Solutions For Mountain Gate, CA Properties

With a population of under 1,000, the suburb of Mountain Gate, CA, is a close-knit community of friendly people. You can always find a friendly face or a neighborly smile. However, pests are also members of the community, and their faces aren’t so friendly. The year-round presence of pests exposes property owners to the nightmare of infestation. Pest infestation comes with a lot of negative consequences not only for your property, but also for everyone inside of the structure. That’s why it’s important to get professional pest protection. 

 Welcome to Redding Spray Service. We are a family owned and operated company that is proud to provide quality residential and commercial pest control solutions to properties throughout Shasta County and the surrounding areas. Since 1989, our service-oriented business has prioritized honesty, efficiency, and personal care. Our valued customer base of loyal clients is what brings us into work every day, and we’re committed to meeting all your pest, lawn, and weed control needs. Call today to learn more.

Here at Redding Spray Service, we’ve worked with over 400 local homes, bringing residents complete pest treatments that are customized to suit your house and your pest pressures. Our qualified team of spray technicians gives you year-round protection you can trust. Some of our residential services include:

  • Free exterior spider-web removal.

  • Proven combination of dusts, sprays, baits, granules, granular baits, and traps.

  • Perimeter spray around foundation and eaves.

  • Optional organic/green pest products.

  • Interior treated as needed.

We use advanced material applications to deal with seasonal pests, and offer additional services for lawn care, weed control, defensible space, rodent control, and bed bug control. Get in touch with us to discuss your residential pest control needs today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Mountain Gate, CA

To effectively prevent pest activity in your Mountain Gate business, you should call in the pest control professionals. As the authority in our field, Redding Spray Services uses the latest technological advancements in pest, weed, and lawn care treatments to bring you the very best pest protection possible. We’ve worked with all kinds of facilities, including medical facilities, industrial and machinery facilities, office spaces, warehouses, schools, multi-family housing, and many others.

 Our process begins with an in-depth inspection of the exterior and interior. On the exterior of your facility, we detect any signs of pest activity, and conducive conditions. On the interior, we check all hot spots, entry points, and pest activity. Once the inspection is complete, we have a consultation with the business owner to come up with a treatment plan. All our commercial pest solutions are customized to suit your needs. Contact us to guard your business from infestation.

Five Ways To Care For Your Lawn In Mountain Gate

If you want to prevent pest infestation around your Mountain Gate home, it’s crucial to maintain a healthy lawn. By maintaining your property and eliminating conducive conditions around the yard, you effectively lower your chances of experiencing infestation. To get you started, here are five things you can do to care for your lawn:

  • Aerate your lawn to make the soil permeable, allowing access to water and nutrients.

  • Eliminate weeds and moss, because they block air and nutrients from getting to the soil.

  • Keep your lawn well mowed and watered, and pay attention to mulch use.

  • Maintain proper drainage and moisture levels throughout the lawn.

  • Repair bare spots around the lawn to prevent them from spreading.

It’s not easy to stay on top of your lawn care needs throughout the year, which is why we recommend professional lawn care services. Redding Spray Service is here to help. Our team of expert technicians is highly experienced in performing complete lawn treatments to keep your property healthy all year long. Call us today to learn more, and we’ll get the process started right away.

How Dangerous Are The Fleas & Ticks In Mountain Gate, CA?

Mountain Gate is a great place to live, and the pleasant weather makes spending time outdoors especially enjoyable. However, when you hang around outside, you are exposed to the dangers of fleas and ticks. Both fleas and ticks are parasitic pests that are capable of transmitting vector-borne illnesses into their hosts. 

 Fleas and ticks are linked to a variety of medical conditions and bacterial diseases, meaning you and your pets are exposed to harm. Some of the diseases they transmit include Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, ehrlichiosis, Powassan virus, and many others. 

 No matter what kind of vector pest you’re dealing with, the safest approach is to reach out to a team of pest experts. Fleas and ticks pose a real threat, which is why it’s too risky to try and handle the situation on your own. Redding Spray Service offers complete flea and tick control solutions, protecting your property thoroughly and effectively. Reach out today to get started.

Mountain Gate Residents Are Wondering If They Have Bed Bug Bites

Are you concerned about the presence of bed bugs near your Mountain Gate home? You wouldn’t be the first; bed bugs are an increasingly serious problem all over the United States. Not only are they excellent travelers and hitchhikers, but they can easily spread from home to home.

Once inside your Mountain Gate home, bed bugs waste no time finding a place to nest and stay. The bites they leave behind may leave a raised pin-like red area on your skin, surrounded by a larger red area caused by a reaction to bed bug saliva. You will often notice these bites on exposed skin or ankles, and usually in zigzag patterns around your trunk, arms, and legs. Long story short: if you wake up with bites you didn’t go to bed with, you probably have bed bugs in your home.

Fortunately, though, Redding Spray Service has the skill and experience we need to help you get rid of bed bugs. We have been helping Mountain Gate residents for decades, and we can help you as well.

When you’re ready for high-quality bed bug control, call Redding Spray Service for help right away. Our safe, effective treatment solutions can get rid of bed bugs fast, and we want to extend our history of exceptional pest control to your Mountain Gate home.

Why Rodents Are So Difficult To Keep Out Of Mountain Gate Homes

Rodent infestations can be quite difficult to avoid for Mountain Gate residents. Both rats and mice are well-equipped to survive in our local environment and breed freely around our homes and businesses. They can swim well, run fast, climb effectively, and fit through very small spaces. They are also very adaptable and will settle into any advantageous living situation, including your home.

There are many reasons why rodents are so difficult to remove from Mountain Gate homes, especially thanks to their attraction to common household elements:

  • Outside garbage: Rodents love to feed on garbage. Seal it to avoid attracting them.
  • Pet food: Avoid leaving pet food outside. Dog food, in particular, often attracts rats and mice, as does wild bird seed.
  • Entry points: Gaps, cracks, and holes are easy ways for rodents to get in. Use waterproof caulking to remove crevices fast.
  • Dirty floors: Crumbs, spills, and messy garbage cans attract rodents in droves. Do what you can to clean the house and avoid possible infestations.

The above tips can help keep rodents away, but they certainly cannot remove established infestations. If rats and mice are already present in your home, reach out to Redding Spray Service to get them back out quickly. Call us today for all of your rodent pest control needs.

The Best Way To Handle Cockroaches In Your Mountain Gate Home

Cockroaches in the Mountain Gate area are a common household pest. They are also one of the adaptable pests that locals could encounter around their homes. These insects can thrive in almost any environment and are capable of squeezing through very small spaces. Once inside, roaches quickly breed into a major infestation, becoming too complex to manage through DIY measures alone.

It’s almost impossible to control cockroaches with DIY methods alone. For example, roaches are wary pests that are quick to run if threatened, and are much faster than human beings. Plus, roaches tend to avoid daylight and only come out during the night.

If you do try DIY cockroach control for your Mountain Gate home, know that you will only get some of the pests around your property, and will likely miss many more. When this happens, roach infestations will breed back up to their previous levels, and perhaps grow even larger.

Thankfully, the team behind Redding Spray Service has you completely covered. We’ve been getting roaches out of Mountain Gate homes since 1989, and we can get rid of yours as well. The fastest and most effective way to handle roach infestations is to contact us today.

How Dangerous Are Spiders In My Mountain Gate Home?

There are over 49,000 species of spiders prowling around our planet, hundreds of which are located right here in Mountain Gate. The vast majority of them are benign and even somewhat helpful, playing a major role in controlling insect populations. However, others are highly venomous and possess a potentially dangerous bite.

Here in Mountain Gate, there are two dangerous species of spider that affect home and business owners: the black widow and the brown widow. Both species are particularly dangerous to children and pets, who tend to be curious by nature and may have negative interactions with spiders. Spider infestations, therefore, can potentially jeopardize the safety and health of your family.

You should know that DIY pest control methods are usually ineffective against spiders. They do not respond to bait traps, are largely nocturnal, and are capable of running away from danger faster than you can respond. Rather than trying to manage it all alone, turn to the spider control services you know you can trust from Redding Spray Service.

Don’t take a chance with venomous spiders on your property. Call us today for all of your spider control needs.

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