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Protecting Redding Homes From Pest Threats Since 1989

When pests get into your Redding home, they steal your peace of mind. Knowing that you’re sharing your living space with creatures that could cause your family harm is disconcerting, to say the least, but it can be difficult to know the best way to get rid of them and get your peace of mind back.

At Redding Spray Service, we’ve spent over three decades helping families in Redding and the surrounding areas regain their homes from pests of all kinds. As a family-owned business, we know how important it is to feel comfortable in your home and we protect your family from anything that threatens it. Our pest control services are customized to your home’s specific needs and delivered by trained and experienced pest professionals.

Home Pest Control From Redding Spray Service

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Your home’s pest problems are unique and deserve customized solutions. To provide you with those solutions, we first need to understand what pest pressures you’re facing. We’ll inspect the interior and exterior of your house to identify pest activity, hot spots, entry points, and conducive conditions. We’ll also talk with you about what you’ve seen and what your concerns are before designing a customized pest control plan for your home.

All of our home pest control plans include free spider web removal from the exterior of your house, but that’s only the beginning of our comprehensive service. We’ll use a combination of proven products, such as dusts, sprays, granules, baits, and traps, to eliminate pest activity and prevent new infestations. Our service includes a full exterior perimeter spray of the foundation and eaves and interior treatments if necessary. We also offer the use of green and organic products.

Regular follow-up treatments keep your house protected from common pest threats. We’ll return on a bi-monthly basis to re-treat the exterior. Interior treatments are available if needed. Additionally, if pests return in between scheduled service visits, give us a call, and we’ll return to re-treat.

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A thorough inspection of your property alerts us to the pest problems that are active in and around your house. This inspection allows us to develop a customized treatment plan for your home.

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We use a combination of treatment methods to eliminate pest activity based on the findings of our inspection. Our initial service includes an exterior treatment. Interior treatments are available if necessary.

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Bi-monthly follow-up services keep your home protected in the long term. We’ll re-treat the exterior of your house during these services, but interior treatments are available on an as-needed basis.

Our Specialty Pest Control Services

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At Redding Spray Service, we aren’t only a pest control company. In addition to our general pest control services, we also offer several services developed to eliminate specific pest threats and take care of weed and lawn care needs. To learn more about these services, please visit each page listed below.

Affordable Pest Control From A Trusted Source In Redding, CA

When it comes to protecting your family, you want help from a company you can trust. Redding Spray Service has been working in Redding and the surrounding communities for decades, providing our customers with outstanding service and proven results. If you have a pest problem in your home, you can trust Redding Spray Service to provide you with affordable, effective solutions. Contact us today to request a free estimate.

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