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How Dangerous Are Earwigs In Redding?


How Dangerous Are Earwigs In Redding?

There are some pests that look unsuspecting and harmless, yet end up being absolute terrors to deal with, and there are others that look like they were born from nightmares, yet turn out to be the most harmless creatures you've ever met. Such is the fate of the gentle earwig, who happens to be an occasional invader, and is also the victim of slanderous accusations. These pests may look terrifying, but once you look past that gigantic butt pincer, you may see them in a completely different light.

an earwig crawling on a leaf

True Facts About The Earwig

There are over one thousand different species of earwigs worldwide, but only about 22 can be found within the United States. The ones you're more likely to find around Redding grow between ½ to 1 inch long, have elongated flat bodies, and range between light to reddish-brown in color. They have a rather large set of pincers at the end of their abdomens, which is what makes them so intimidating, but they don't possess any venom and they're not even strong enough to break the skin.

There was an old wives tale that went around, scaring people into thinking these insects crawl into people's ears while they sleep and nest in their brains. These rumors are actually what awarded the earwigs their common name, even though it's completely false. They have no interest in using human brains for nesting purposes, but they do enjoy a good pile of dead leaves or moisture-retaining underbrush.

Why Are Earwigs Only Occasional Invaders?

Truthfully, earwigs prefer to stay outside. There isn't much that Redding homes can offer earwigs that they can't easily find in the great outdoors, but when extreme weather hits, like flooding, cold snaps, or heat waves, earwigs scramble in search of the most secure shelter they can find. Sometimes, that secure shelter ends up being neighborhood homes, though there could be other attractive qualities your home possesses without you even knowing about it:

  • Excessive moisture
  • Ample amounts of hiding spots and clutter
  • Another underlying pest problem
  • Other easily accessible foods such as fruits, vegetables, or indoor plants

How Can I Prevent An Earwig Infestation In My Redding Home?

If earwigs are getting into your Redding home, it usually means they're already nesting around your property. Most infestation prevention for earwigs involves routine lawn care, but there are still a few things you can do indoors as well:

  • Keep all fallen leaves raked away from the perimeter of your home
  • Clean out gutters and drainage pipes regularly
  • Remove leaf, mulch, and brush piles from your property
  • Make sure your lawn is draining properly by aerating the soil
  • Seal up any gaps, cracks, and holes around the exterior of your home
  • Replace worn-down insulation around doors and windows
  • Check your pipes for any leaks and inspect for extensive water damage; repair as necessary
  • Invest in a dehumidifier for moisture-retaining rooms such as kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and basement
  • Keep all dried food in airtight containers, and never leave any food out overnight
  • Inspect for any other underlying pest problems

The Best Way To Eradicate An Earwig Infestation

Earwigs aren't easy to get rid of, especially since they primarily nest outdoors and underneath homes. If you're struggling with an infestation, don't waste your time and money on store-bought pesticides that won't work, call the pros at Redding Spray Services instead. Our comprehensive plans are easily adjusted to suit the needs of each customer, and we offer eco-friendly pest treatment options as well. As a family-owned and operated business, we know how important it is to keep your home secure against every pest that may try to invade. Get in contact with us today to start discussing your options for both residential and commercial pest control in Redding.

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