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The Most Effective Flea And Tick Control For Redding Properties


The Most Effective Flea And Tick Control For Redding Properties

Fleas and ticks are small pests that can cause big problems for Redding residents. As the heat of summer returns and hiking trips or beach outings are planned, the last thing anyone wants to think about is fleas and ticks. However, learning the risks that fleas and ticks can pose and understanding how to manage an encounter with these pests is an important step in enjoying your summer safely. Read on to find out how professional pest control in Redding can help.

dog scratching a flea problem

How Fleas And Ticks Are Similar Pests

Fleas and ticks are both parasitic pests. Parasites are living creatures that live on or in another living creature, called a host. They derive all of their nutrients from their host while simultaneously causing harm to the host. Both fleas and ticks feed on blood and use sharp mouth appendages to do so. Additionally, both of these parasites can transmit diseases to their hosts.

Fleas are very small, rarely measuring more than a sixth of an inch, and flightless. While they most often infest the hair of furry animals, like household pets, they do frequently choose human hosts. Flea bites cause small, red, itchy bumps that may be painful. Flea saliva can also cause allergic reactions and dermatitis in pets. In humans, flea waste can cause allergic reactions as well. While fleas only have a lifespan of a few months, they reproduce in large quantities. A single female flea can lay up to 2,000 flea eggs in her lifetime! While fleas cannot fly or run particularly fast, they can leap quite high relative to their size. Fleas can jump about one foot into the air, 200 times their body length! Thus, fleas can spread from host to host very quickly.

Ticks are extremely small, even smaller than fleas! One of the more common ticks in the Redding area is the wood tick, also known as the American dog tick. These ticks have hard exterior shells to protect their bodies. Summer, particularly the months of June and July, is tick season here in Redding. Tick season is a time when ticks are especially active and abundant. Ticks are often found in areas of tall grass and brush where large mammals frequent. Ticks can lay as many as 6,000 eggs in their lifetime, so they can infest your favorite trail route or your backyard in no time. To feed, ticks burrow their heads into their hosts. Once they have had their fill of blood, an engorged tick may be visible to the naked eye. 

Dangerous Diseases Fleas And Ticks Are Known To Spread

Fleas and ticks are notorious vectors of disease. Since they both feed on the blood of mammals, they easily spread and mingle diseases between hosts. In pets, fleas can transfer tapeworms and cause anemia. In humans, fleas can transfer bubonic plague and typhus! Ticks are the main transmitter of Rocky Mountain spotted fever. They also spread the disease Tularemia to both humans and pets. Ticks are also well known for spreading Lyme disease.

Easy And Effective Flea And Tick Prevention Tips For Around The Property

Fleas and ticks are fearsome little beasts, but Redding residents can follow a few tips to protect themselves from playing host to either of these parasites. 

  • Regularly bathe and brush pets.
  • Vacuum and sweep frequently.
  • Clean and change bed linens often.
  • Keep your lawn trimmed and tidy.
  • Take action against rodents and other pests that may bring fleas and ticks to your property.
  • Wear long pants and long sleeves if you’re going into tall vegetation.
  • Immediately wash clothes that were worn outdoors.
  • Check yourself and your pets for any ticks or fleas before going inside.

Despite your best efforts to prevent a flea or tick problem, you still may find yourself dealing with an infestation. In the end, the best way to protect your home is by partnering with the experts at Redding Spray Services.

Why Professional Flea And Tick Control Is The Way To Go In Redding

The best thing you can do for yourself and your property, in regards to ticks and fleas, is to work with a pest control expert. Pest control in Redding does not have to be a struggle. Redding Spray Services makes it simple to receive fast, safe, quality service to protect your home and your loved ones from fleas and ticks. Give Redding Spray Services a call today!

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