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How Dangerous Are The Fleas In Redding?


How Dangerous Are The Fleas In Redding?

There are all kinds of parasitic pests out in the world and many of them can spread dangerous diseases to you and your loved ones. That’s why it’s crucial for everyone to learn just how biting pest populations start and how you can protect your property from an infestation. This isn’t just about protecting your pets, either, fleas and other parasites can be a huge problem for people and animals alike.

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Many Different Kinds Of Fleas

Did you know there are over 2,500 different species of fleas in the world? All of them are too tiny for the naked eye to pick out the traits that separate one from another, but fleas can be spotted without a microscope. Rather than pick out specific breeds of flea to highlight, it’s better to simply understand that fleas, in general,  are dangerous parasites. Fleas feed on our blood for the nutrients contained in our blood cells. The most common species of invasive flea is known as the cat flea, named for one of their favorite targets. While they are prone to target animals because furry bodies are easier to hide in and stay warm, fleas can also be a problem for people. You don’t want to have a flea population inside your home before you take them seriously as an invader. It's important to understand how flea infestations first start, so you can prevent and prepare.

How Flea Infestations Start

Fleas are mostly outdoor pests. They are found near vegetation when people or animals brush past and they can then jump onto or cling to clothing, hair, and skin. Fleas then hitchhike back to the places where we live and work, which is how an outdoor population becomes an indoor infestation. But it’s not like fleas are only found in the overgrown wilderness. They are attracted to human yards because they know that our pets, children, and guests will go outside from time to time. That’s why no property owner should be complacent about the very real threat of a flea population in or around their yard.

Flea Prevention Tips For Your Home

Now that you know how flea infestations start, you can target your general property maintenance and housekeeping to reduce your risk. Here are some of the most important factors to consider:

  • Landscaping: Since fleas like overgrowth, keep your lawn well-trimmed. Pay special attention to plants that grow too close to windows and doors.
  • Inspection: No, not the professional kind (though those are the best way to stay protected), instead we’re talking about thoroughly checking pets and bodies after time spent outside. Check clothing, hair, and skin, including the folds where tiny parasites might hide during an inspection.
  • Treatments: While smart yard planning and careful attention can certainly help, the only way to make sure parasites don’t move into your yard is through professional treatments.

Contact Experts Immediately

Rather than have to deal with the itchy, tough-to-eliminate problem of a flea infestation, make sure you’re protected right away by contacting your local pest experts. At Redding Spray Service, we offer superior protection against fleas and other common parasitic pests. Our yard treatments ensure that biting bugs never get near your exterior, both by eliminating existing populations and preventing future ones. Even if you just need a professional inspection to tell you whether pests are already a problem, we can schedule one promptly. Don’t wait for you or your loved ones to fall victim to flea bites before you worry about protecting against fleas. Instead, contact Redding Spray Service today to get started on real protection for your property.

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