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Why Are There Fleas In My Redding Home?


Why Are There Fleas In My Redding Home?

People tend to think they can protect their home from fleas completely by simply treating their pets or having them wear repellent collars. The reality is far less cut and dry. Pests like fleas can invade your home in a number of different ways -- even if you don’t have pets. That’s why no one should get complacent when it comes to protecting their home parasitic pests.

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Fleas: Dangerous Parasites

Unlike people commonly assume, fleas don’t just target pets. While they certainly target cats, dogs, and other household pets, fleas will bite anything with warm blood to feed on. They get all their nutrients directly from blood, so even people can make attractive targets for these tiny parasites. Their bites create itchy welts all over the body, which can amount to a whole lot of discomfort as they continue to pile up. But the real danger of parasitic pests is the diseases they may carry. Blood-feeding pests are uniquely predisposed to spread sickness, especially from animal populations directly to people. In fact, many of the worst pandemics in human history have resulted from mosquitoes or fleas carried in on other pests and wildlife. Because of their feeding habits, parasites can transmit diseases directly into our blood with a single bite.

Where Do Fleas Come From?

While homes with pets can certainly be at a higher risk of a flea infestation, the truth is any home can wind up with a problem. Even without pets to carry them directly inside our homes, fleas can hitch rides on other common pests, often larger wildlife like raccoons or deer. Not only can direct contact with contaminated animals lead to an infestation, but fleas can also lie in wait in our yards for people or other animals to wander by. They then cling to hair, skin, and clothing to get brought inside, where warmth and shelter mean they can thrive in greater numbers. This is why it’s important to make sure your home is protected from fleas, rather than assume you won’t get them simply because you don’t have pets or your animals generally stay indoors.

How To Prevent Fleas

In order to protect yourself from parasitic pests, you need to prepare for several different ways they might invade your property. Don’t wait to address the following factors around your home:

  • Landscaping: Again, fleas don’t just stay on the warm bodies of their hosts. They can wait on tall grasses or other vegetation in a yard, waiting for you to walk by. That means keeping a well-trimmed lawn will give them fewer areas to lie in wait.
  • Smart Travel: People also don’t tend to think about how fleas can contaminate suitcases, vehicles, and other common spaces they may come into contact with while traveling. Take care to avoid flea-ridden areas while traveling, especially when camping or going outdoors for long stretches.
  • Inspections: This one is two-fold. Not only should you carefully check your pets before coming back inside, but you should also let trained experts inspect your property for signs of pests you may easily miss.

True Control From Professionals You Can Trust

Because of the many ways you can pick them up without noticing, fleas are the kind of pest you can never truly rest easy about preventing. Even people who take every precaution can still find themselves with a flea infestation. That’s why you should contact professionals at the first sign, so the problem can be eliminated quickly before greater health problems result from an infestation. At Redding Spray Service, we can promptly and safely get rid of fleas in your home, as well as treat your yard and exterior to prevent future invasions. Don’t fall victim to flea bites, contact Redding Spray Service right away.

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