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Three No-Sweat Ant Prevention Tips For Redding Properties

June 30, 2021

The only way you’ll ever stay on top of invasive pests is if you are constantly thinking about the common ways they get in and the factors that attract them. You can’t just worry about an infestation once you notice one’s already there. This is especially true of tiny invaders like ants because they can easily infest your yard and then slip inside. Learn how you can stay a step ahead of these tough-to-eliminate bugs.

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Ants To Watch Out For

Many of the most common ant species are relatively harmless. At worst, they’ll contaminate your food or crawl all over your floors, walls, and countertops. Not that these are pleasant, but they’re a far cry better than the more serious problems that other kinds of ants can cause. Keep in mind that no ant variety is easy to get rid of, but these kinds can lead to far bigger problems:

  • Carpenter Ants: These small black ants are often mistaken for other, less destructive species. Problem is, by the time you realize they’ve damaged your property, it can be too late to avoid serious costs.
  • Pharaoh Ants: This species of ant is known for its yellow or tan color. They heighten the risk of ant infestations by carrying diseases like salmonella.
  • Fire Ants: These ants are bright red to warn you just how dangerous they can be. They may be tiny but they have stingers that release an extremely painful burning sensation.

How Ants Get Inside Of Homes

Even ants that don’t pose these serious problems are still bad news. All ants are incredibly difficult to fully prevent, not to mention get rid of. Because of their caste system of workers, soldiers, and queens, the ants you see crawling around aren’t the ones that keep the population going. Instead, they typically form their tunnel networks outside, either in your yard or within nearby soils. The workers are then attracted to your interior by food aromas, excess moisture, and shelter from predators. You can focus all your attention on killing as many of these ants as possible and still never be any closer to eliminating the colony. Only targeted, effective treatments can root out and get rid of the reproductive queens that are sending the endless horde of ants inside.

Ant Prevention Tips & Tricks

Because they are so tough to get rid of, it’s better to keep up on overall pest prevention than to simply wait for a problem to present itself before you act. These are all good things to keep up on if you want your property to remain pest-free:

1. Food Storage: All kinds of pests are attracted by food sources around your property, and ants can detect mere traces thanks to their sensitive antennae. Making sure your food is properly stored and cleaned up is crucial.

2. Trash Storage: The same should be said for your trash, which contains more than enough food waste for a tiny ant to consider a goldmine.

3. Crack Sealing: Regularly checking your exterior walls and foundation for cracks or holes, no matter how tiny, is an important step in keeping tiny bugs out.

Let Professionals Assist You, Call Today

Even property owners who are diligent about keeping up on ant prevention can still wind up with an infestation. That’s how easily these pests can invade your property and stick around. The best course of action for true protection from ants and other invasive bugs is to turn to experts. At Redding Spray Service, our trained technicians can get started right away on an inspection of your property, determining whether ants are already around or could easily invade. Our expert guidance not only helps you target your efforts to where they’ll help most, but we can also offer you effective treatments that shield your property from infestations of all kinds. Don’t wait to get started on proper ant control, contact Redding Spray Service today.

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