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Protecting Your Plants: Effective Aphid Control Methods For Your Redding Garden


Protecting Your Plants: Effective Aphid Control Methods For Your Redding Garden

Not all pests want to take over your home. Some simply want to feed on the plants growing on your property. Such is the case with aphids in Redding; these tiny insects are content to wreak havoc in your garden. But these pests aren't always easy to spot, so how can you protect your lawn?

Professional aphid control from Redding Spray is your best bet to keep your plant life green and healthy. We wrote this post as an introduction to this strange pest, the harm it can cause, and how our professional services can end it. Read on to learn how our Redding pest control services can help you stop aphids.

aphids on a green leaf

Identifying Aphid Infestations: Signs And Symptoms

Aphids are only occasional invaders, so unsurprisingly, many homeowners are oblivious to their existence. When spotted, they are sometimes confused for ants, but these bugs have very different habits. Specifically, aphids suck the sap out of plants.

The first sign of an aphid infestation you'll notice is white flakes on your plants; this results from the bug shedding throughout its life, but you'll need to get close to see the details.

Another easy-to-spot sign is a strange, sticky substance on your plants: honeydew secreted by aphids as they eat. It has a shiny quality that stands out when you flash a light over it.

If you think you're dealing with aphids, Redding Spray can help. Our interior and exterior inspections will reveal the pests you're dealing with and how extensive the problem is. Once we know, we'll get to work quickly to craft a treatment plan for you. Call us today for your free estimate.

The Impact Of Aphids On Plant Health: Common Damages

Aphids will noticeably impact plants just by feeding on their sap. This simple action causes physical harm by depriving the plant of nutrients. Here are some of the most common types of damage caused by aphids:

  • Stunted growth
  • Discoloration
  • Withering
  • Plant and fungal diseases

They may only be occasional invader bugs, but aphids reproduce quickly and in large numbers, so time is of the essence. After your initial treatment from Redding Spray, we will follow up with bimonthly visits to apply new treatments as needed. We'll work hard to ensure your property is kept safe from pests.

Preventing Aphid Infestations: Tips For A Resilient Garden

Watching the garden you took so much time cultivating succumb to aphids is heartbreaking, but you're not defenseless. You can take simple steps to protect your garden so it can continue to thrive worry-free. Here are prevention tips for occasional invaders like aphids:

  • Avoid using fertilizers with a lot of nitrogen.
  • Grow plants with a strong odor (such as onions and chives) to deter aphids. Place these plants throughout your garden to protect as many plants as possible.
  • Include plants in your garden that attract ladybugs, such as marigolds. Ladybugs are natural aphid predators.

Learning proper pest control techniques will help you achieve a pest-free lifestyle, and we want to help. When you work with Redding Spray technicians, we'll share our knowledge and help educate you on protecting your home from pests. Preventive techniques are an effective home pest control method when paired with professional services.

Contact Us For To Total Aphid Elimination

Occasional invaders in Redding can become a severe problem if you don't act fast. Call on Redding Spray today for fast, robust solutions to your pest woes. Since 1989, we've served the Redding community with pride and brought relief to countless customers. Call us today and discover what Redding Spray can do for your home.

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