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How To Get Rid Of An Aphid Infestation Around Your Redding Home


How To Get Rid Of An Aphid Infestation Around Your Redding Home

You took the time, effort, and care to meticulously pick out the exact flowers and plants to use in your garden, only to see these tiny, pear-shaped, green insects ravage them. They’re aphids, and even though they’re harmless to humans, they’re devastating to the precious plants you worked so hard to cultivate in large numbers.

Our professionals at Redding Spray Service understand the frustration that these nuisance pests cause and offer the most effective pest control in Redding to eradicate the infestation so that you can preserve the beauty and integrity of your garden. Read on to learn more about these peculiar insects, their characteristics, and how partnering with a local experienced pest management service can help to keep your outdoor living spaces aphid-free.

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What Are Aphids?

Perhaps you’ve noticed those little, green bugs clinging to your plants in the garden but didn’t pay much attention to them. They were most likely aphids, also known as plant lice. They’re tiny, soft-bodied insects that use their needle-like mouthparts to suck the nutrient-dense liquids out of plants. In small numbers, they’re relatively harmless to plants but can cause extensive damage when they’re present in large numbers. Fortunately, since they move at a slow pace, that gives gardeners a little lead time to control the situation before it becomes a full-blown aphid infestation.

The Problems An Aphid Infestation Can Create

Although aphids in Redding are not a danger to humans, they can potentially cause significant damage to your garden. Aphids feed off the sap from plants, which weakens them, causing a metabolic imbalance, and in some cases, the loss of leaves. The impact can negatively affect the final harvest for a grower. In addition, aphids can systematically alter a plant’s development by introducing toxins into it. The most harmful outcome is the transmission of dozens of viruses from a diseased plant to a healthy one, for which there is no remedy. If your plants have experienced the ill effects of aphids, reach out to a professional pest management service that handles aphids in Redding.

Simple Ways To Prevent Aphids Around Your Home

Unlike other garden-variety pests that are difficult to manage, aphids don’t pose a threat under normal circumstances. However, these insects can slowly weaken your plants and flowers in large numbers. Luckily, there are simple aphid control measures you can take to keep them away:

  • Spray your plant leaves with a mild solution of soapy water every two to three days for two weeks.
  • Attract insects to your garden that eat aphids, like ladybugs and lacewings.
  • Use horticultural oil to destroy overwintering aphid eggs.
  • Blast your infested plants with a strong stream of plain water to dislodge them.
  • Spread diatomaceous earth around your plants.

Be careful when using diatomaceous earth when your plants are in bloom. You don’t want to kill off beneficial insects that pollinate, like butterflies and bees.

Contact The Professionals For Aphid Control Assistance

In small numbers, aphids pose no real problem. However, the trouble comes with their ability to reproduce rapidly. Once aphids overrun your garden, that’s when the destruction begins. If you want to avoid aphid damage, the best option is to contact a professional exterminating company. Experienced pest control can employ the best methods to get rid of aphids quickly, which will save your gardening efforts.

For nearly 40 years in the pest management business, Redding Spray Service has provided impeccable pest control that our residents can depend on. We deliver effective solutions to completely eradicate aphids on your Redding property before they multiply and wreck your landscaping endeavors. Reach out to us today and request your free, no-risk estimate. 

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