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What To Do About An Ant Infestation In Your Redding Home


What To Do About An Ant Infestation In Your Redding Home

If ants invading your home is a frequent event, it's not your fault. These pesky insects can squeeze through the tiniest openings to invade your personal space. Kitchen pantries, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and basements are vulnerable to hosting an ant infestation. When ants get out of control on your property, you should contact a Redding pest control company for services.

A trusted service professional can help uncover how and why ants are entering your home and apply effective treatments to control them. Trying to eliminate ants without the right products and tools is a hassle, but scheduling home pest control treatments is a convenient way to thwart infestations.

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Types Of Ants Common To The Area

It's easy to think all ants are the same, but different attractants on your property will make these pests feel right at home. Some ants infest wood like decks, porches, walls, and framework. Other ants will linger near entryways and moist rooms and are hard to eliminate without help.

Be careful when you encounter ants, as some may leave a painful sting if they feel threatened. The following ants are common to Redding:

  • Argentine ants
  • Carpenter ants
  • Fire ants
  • Odorous house ants
  • Pharaoh ants

Find out where ants enter your property and seal up crevices, gaps, and cracks. Inspect your Redding home regularly and remove attractants like water, food, and hiding spots to get rid of ants.

Don't Ignore An Ant Infestation

When ants frequently visit your property, it's wise to wipe down surfaces with substances ants don't like and clean often. However, without a long-lasting solution, you can't expect an ant infestation to dissipate. Professionals can deter ants from invading and eliminate any existing colonies.

Make your home less desirable to these pests by wiping up food crumbs and spills and fixing leaks and drainage issues. Store garbage in a container outside your house with a tight-fitting lid and throw out rubbish often. Keep the grass in your yard short and avoid leaving debris near the exterior of your home. Consider calling us here at Redding Spray Service for lawn care and ant control services to keep ants out.

Professional Pest Control Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Ants

You're bound to be disappointed if you rely on conventional traps, aerosols, and baits to control ants on your property. Trusting your ant problem to a dependable pest control service is far less frustrating. An experienced, knowledgeable service professional knows where these pests hide and feed and specific places to target to stop infestations.

After you have one of our service professionals visit your home to inspect and apply a treatment, you can get follow-up services to ensure ants stay away. It's helpful to reapply products and change techniques periodically to discourage ants from nesting on your property. 

Ant Prevention Tips: Keep Your Home Ant-Free

Don't let the ants get the upper hand and infest your home; practice some helpful prevention tips. The best way to stay ant-free is by scheduling pest management services and removing attractants.

Ants will try to become permanent houseguests when your property provides them with what they need to thrive. Do the following:

  • Replace and repair wood structural elements with rot, fungi, or mildew.
  • Add barriers to windows, doors, and vents, and seal open holes, cracks, and crevices around wiring and plumbing.
  • Remove access to food and garbage by using proper storage containers.
  • Fix issues with moisture and leaks around your home and reduce humidity by running a dehumidifier and fixing condensation issues. 

When ants infest your home, they spread germs that can make you sick and are tough to expel without professional solutions. 

Call Redding Spray Service for help with ants and to learn more about out residential and commercial pest control services in Redding.

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