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What To Do About Silverfish In Your Redding Home


What To Do About Silverfish In Your Redding Home

Sometimes pests are easy to identify. Other times, they are not. One thing that will determine your ability to spot and identify pests inside your home is knowledge. Today we will see if you know enough about silverfish to spot and deal with them inside your Redding home. 

Keep reading to learn more about these pests and how to deal with them. Call our team at Redding Spray Service if you would like to hear about our options for pest control in Redding. We will make an appointment for your home and find a fast option to deal with your silverfish infestation. 

silverfish on the floor

How To Identify A Silverfish

Silverfish are one of the harder pests to identify here in Redding, not because of their appearance but because of their ability to stay out of sight. Homeowners start to notice these pests more and more as they have the chance to reproduce indoors and multiply. 

It is good to know what a silverfish looks like. This insect is 3/4 of an inch long when fully grown, silver to brown in color, and has a fish-shaped body with three bristle-like tails and two long, usually bent antennae. 

If you think these bugs are present inside your home, but you are not certain, bring in our team for a quick inspection. We can help you determine if these or other pests are present around your living areas.

Silverfish Can Damage Your Belongings

Silverfish are not a huge problem indoors. They are mostly just annoying. That said, adult silverfish have a bad habit of nibbling on things that they shouldn't nibble on. If you regularly find odd holes in your clothing, surface etching on carpets, or other similar damage to fabrics around your house, these pests might be around. If you have valuable items like these, silverfish might cause enough damage to ruin them. 

The good news is that these pests are not just preventable but easily controllable if you know who to call. Let's talk more about your options for silverfish control and why and how these pests invade local homes.

Why And How Silverfish Invade Homes

At this point, you know a few silverfish facts. Some of the last things you should know about these pests are how and why they invade homes here in Redding. 

These insects mostly come indoors in search of food, moisture, and shelter. They are much more likely to invade during times of the year when conditions outdoors are unfavorable to their survival. When looking for ways to get indoors, these pests will seek out entry points wherever they can find them. These might include:

  • Open windows or doors
  • Gaps around unsealed windows or doors
  • A crack in your home's foundation
  • The space around utility pipes
  • An unsealed vent

To keep these pests out, you need to invest in some form of home pest control. Take a moment now to consider our professional options.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Silverfish In Your House Fast!

If you see a silverfish inside your Redding home, do not hesitate to call our team at Redding Spray Service. These pests can become a huge nuisance fast. The best way to stop them is with professional care. We'd be more than happy to put our experience to work for you to combat these pests wherever they are hiding inside your home.

Call our team at Redding Spray Service now to discover more about our services and find a treatment time that will work best for your Redding home.

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