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Why Do Rodents In Redding, CA Keep Invading My Home?


Why Do Rodents In Redding, CA Keep Invading My Home?

For many people, their fear of rodents trumps their worries about bugs. These pests are more significant than insects, which makes them a lot harder to kill. Since they have sharp teeth, they can inflict painful bites. The potential troubles don’t stop there, as they can create significant destruction to your Redding home or your personal effects.

It doesn’t take much for rodents to get inside Redding, CA properties. On top of that, they can quickly procreate in large numbers. By learning more about the species that plague the region, you’ll give yourself a chance to build a great defense plan. Redding Spray Service should undoubtedly be a part of this.

a roof rat in a corner of a home

What Rodents Are In Redding? What Are The Dangers?

House mice and roof rats are just two of the dominant species in the vicinity. House mice come in gray, black, or brown, but lighter shades fill their stomach area. Though they are seven inches long, they can effortlessly crawl through holes as tiny as ½ of an inch in diameter. These vermin have a reputation for being in domiciles, as is the inspiration for their name. Food, water, and warmth are what they want. Dark, low-traffic pits are their preferred hiding spots.

Roof rats are intimidating at 15 inches long or more, with their scaly tails reaching seven inches. Their hair is black or brown. Living up to their proper title, these pests favor heights. They’ll be on housetops and rooflines if they aren’t darting across power lines or tree branches. In many cases, they will settle in rafters, attics, garages, and insulation. 

Primary signs of infestation are:

  • Discovering small footprints and fecal pellets
  • Hearing scratching and squeaking from behind walls
  • Finding oily marks on walls and corners
  • Seeing burrows in the lawn
  • Seeing these nocturnal creatures during the day

So they can wind down their growing teeth, rodents will chew on anything they can find. This includes wiring, pipes, and walls. Your belongings won’t be spared, and pricey disasters could be ahead. Vermin are known to cause electrical shortages and fires, plumbing difficulties, and cosmetic damage. They present additional medical risks because they have parasites and bacteria in their fur. Tons of microbes are in their saliva and waste, and they collect more from nasty environments. Rodents spend time in dumpsters, sewers, alleys, and similar.

Is There A Way To Prevent Redding Rodents?

Rodents are dependent on humans for their essentials. That said, you have to ensure that your land isn’t conducive to their survival. You’ll have to reduce sources of sustenance and entry. Here are specific actions for you to take:

  • Lessen all clutter.
  • Meticulously clean the kitchen, and wash cabinets, countertops, and dishes regularly.
  • Sweep and mop floors and vacuum rugs often.
  • Use airtight containers for food and garbage storage. Don’t forget about birdseed and pet fare.
  • Have leaks and moisture breakdowns fixed immediately.  
  • Close up openings in foundations, doors, and windows. Use steel wool; rodents can gnaw through rubber and plastic.
  • Rinse gutters and storm drains frequently.
  • Set plants at least two feet away from the property.
  • Routinely cut the grass and trim the greenery. 

How Will Redding Spray Service Handle Redding Rodents?

Relying on retail pesticides and traps isn’t the best choice for rodent eradication. These avenues are fashioned for short-term use and eliminating single vermin. Even if these were more comprehensive, you’d strain yourself trying to access critter hubs. In addition to all of this, many shelf items are hazardous. You can remove these hurdles by contacting us at Redding Spray Service.

Our highly trained technicians will employ safe top-of-the-line treatments for rodents, including squirrels. Some solution options are monitoring devices, traps, bait boxes, glue boards, and exclusion work. Call today for a no-obligation estimate

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