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Why Are There Lawn Moths All Over In Redding?


Why Are There Lawn Moths All Over In Redding?

If you’re a homeowner, there are many problems and concerns regarding the upkeep of your home. There are also many tasks to concern yourself with, but lawn pests might slip your mind.

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Taking care of your yard, in general, can be a lot of work, and lawn maintenance can take many hours. But, one thing that can surely ruin your yard and make property maintenance much more difficult is dealing with a pest such as lawn moths. In this guide, you’ll learn about Redding pest control for lawn moths and how to protect your yard. 

Why Are There So Many Moths In My Lawn?

Lawn moths don't start as moths. At first, they are in their larval stage. This is when they begin to cause issues in your yard. Known as sod webworms, the larval moths are voracious consumers of properties. These worms build tunnels underground during the winter to survive, so you might not even notice that they have invaded. 

They can be challenging to identify as they are only about ½ an inch long and look like caterpillars or worms. They are often a green color but can be yellowish or tan. Their tunnels are covered with white webs, and they only appear at night.

The reason why you have lawn moths in the spring is they have been there overwintering, and you don't know it. The adult moths will lay their eggs in the soil, and they will emerge as adult moths in late spring. But, while the adult moths might be annoying to look at, it’s only the larvae that damage lawns. 

Are Moths Bad For Your Lawn?

Lawn moths are pests in Redding that are a problem for your property. They eat grass and other vegetation and consume it entirely down to the root. You might start to notice that your lawn has brown or yellowing spots. You might also see grass that is thinning or extremely short.

These pests in Redding are not a risk to health or safety. Lawn moths don't bite or spread diseases. However, it can be costly to repair the yard damage. It will take time and effort to replant vegetation and tend it. The best course of action in handling lawn moths is to contact lawn care professionals at Redding Spray Services. 

What Attracts Moths To Your Lawn In Redding?

Overall, it can be challenging to prevent sod webworms, and they tend to return yearly. One of the main reasons that these moths appear is general lawn maintenance. 

These moths will be attracted to lawns that are both under and overwatered, so it’s essential to keep a good balance of grass and plant care. The other factor that can attract these moths is the thatch of your lawn. Thatch is the layer of organic matter that surrounds grass. If you have excess thatch, this can provide shelter for them when they rest, so lawn care services are often the best way to ensure a proper thatch. 

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Webworm Moths

The best way to prevent and control lawn moths is with assistance from our lawn care and pest control experts at Redding Spray Services. But even with our service, you can take a few steps on your own to deter and remove these moths. Here is what you should do:

  • Keep your yard maintained and trimmed.
  • Mow regularly.
  • Inspect your soil for signs of silk tunnels.
  • Use fertilizer.

Call us today to book an appointment or request a quote for more assistance with lawn pests.

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