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The Struggles Of Getting Rid Of Roaches In Redding


The Struggles Of Getting Rid Of Roaches In Redding

It is no fun waking up to the sound of a family member killing a cockroach with a shoe! Stumbling into the kitchen searching for a late-night snack only to be greeted by cockroaches running across the floor for safety under the stove is unsettling. 

If you have had the unpleasant experience of seeing a cockroach running for cover, you need our Redding pest control team from Redding Spray Services. For almost 40 years, we have been eliminating cockroaches and giving homeowners peace of mind. 

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Why Are There Roaches In My Home?

Properties with moist and shaded areas containing rocks, wood, and leaf piles provide the perfect hideaway for cockroaches. If you find a cockroach in your house, it is because it came inside searching for food, water, and warm shelter. These elements are often available in the following areas:

  • Kitchen 
  • Bathrooms
  • Basement
  • Crawlspace
  • Laundry room

The cockroaches gather near drains and garbage cans, under cabinets and appliances, and near leaky pipes. Of the three main cockroach species in Redding, German cockroaches prefer humid areas with temperatures over 70℉.; whereas oriental cockroaches like cool, moist areas.

Ten Ways To Kill Cockroaches Inside Redding Homes

When you have cockroaches in your Redding house, it is natural to take steps to get rid of cockroaches. These are ten ways to eliminate cockroaches in your home:

  1. Baking soda mixture: Combine equal parts of baking soda and sugar and spread where you've seen cockroaches. This treatment will require multiple applications.
  2. Boric acid: This is a highly effective treatment, but don't use in areas with pets and children. The acid needs to stay dry to stay effective.
  3. Duct Tape: Place a strip of duct tape upside-down with a piece of food for bait. Cockroaches will get stuck attempting to get the food.
  4. Diatomaceous Earth: For the safety of pets and children, purchase the food-grade version. Apply in areas of roach activity. 
  5. Fabric Softener: Combine three parts softener with two parts water in a spray bottle. Spray on live cockroaches. 
  6. Borax: Mix borax and white sugar in equal parts and spread in areas of cockroach activity.
  7. Bait stations: These can be effective, but they can be dangerous for pets and children. Use in areas where pets and children are not present.
  8. Foggers: These produce quick results but are toxic. We do not recommend them, especially in homes with pets and children.
  9. Peppermint: Mix 15 drops of peppermint oil with a cup of water and spray in affected areas. This application is safe around pets and children.
  10. Neem: Sprinkle neem powder in areas where you have seen cockroaches.  

These are common DIY ways of killing cockroaches, but not all of them are safe around pets and children. The best way to kill cockroaches is to allow the pest control professionals from Redding Spray Services because we will not put your family at risk. 

What Doesn't Work When Trying To Get Rid Of Roaches

What doesn't work is only killing live cockroaches. If you want to get rid of cockroaches for good, you have to destroy the eggs. Eliminating the eggs requires finding the hiding places and egg locations. 

Professional Cockroach Control Can Be A Huge Help

Proper identification of the cockroach species will aid in knowing where to search for eggs. Since there are three cockroach species in Redding, you need to know the characteristics of each type of cockroach to determine which species are infesting your Redding home. 

Our experts at Redding Spray Services know the characteristics and habits of cockroaches in Redding homes. When we come out to your house, we will identify the species and create a targeted treatment plan to eliminate the cockroaches and their eggs in your home. Contact us today and get a free estimate. 

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