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The Problems With Bed Bug Infestations In Redding, CA


The Problems With Bed Bug Infestations In Redding, CA

Bed bugs are parasitic hitchhikers with a reputation that speaks for itself. Bed bugs are a nightmare scenario for many, from homeowners to renters, from the cleanest of houses to the cluttered; bed bugs don’t discriminate.

It is commonly believed that bed bugs are too small to see, but this isn’t true. Bed bugs are about 1/4th of an inch or the size of an apple seed. One of the reasons they are difficult to see is because they are nocturnal, coming out at night to feed. Like an apple seed, bed bugs are flat, oval, and wingless. They are reddish-brown and will be even redder after taking a meal. Bed bugs will also swell after eating.

If you wonder what bed bugs eat, the answer to that question is blood, with their preference being for humans. This is why bed bugs are often found in the bedroom; they feed at night when people are sleeping. Although bed bugs bite and feed on people, there is no concrete evidence that they transmit diseases. However, there are several health concerns they do cause, including:

  • Bed bugs can make it difficult for anyone to sleep, causing insomnia. Lack of sleep can affect a lot of different aspects of your health and life.
  • Bed bug bites can be itchy, leading to secondary infection if you are scratching them too much.
  • Bed bugs shed skin and leave excrement behind, which can cause allergies.
  • Bed bug infestations that are extensive and go on for a long time can lead to anemia.

While these issues might not seem all that bad compared to other pests, trust us when we say a bed bug infestation is bad, and no one wants to deal with one. As a resident in Redding, California, you should know about bed bugs, why it is so hard to prevent them, and what to do if you have an infestation.

bed bug and larvae on a bed

Bed Bug Prevention And Control

Another common misbelief when it comes to bed bugs is that they only infest “dirty” homes. The truth is that even the tiniest of homes are susceptible to bed bugs because they are challenging to prevent. Do you recall the first thing we said about bed bugs being hitchhikers? This is the most common way bed bugs get into a home; they are usually unknowingly carried in by someone. Whether they were picked up in a public space such as a transportation hub, restaurant, theater, school, accommodations, or hiding in second-hand items, people are the reason bed bugs infest.

Once bed bugs get inside, they are often not found for some time, which allows them to reproduce and spread throughout the property. Because of this, a bed bug infestation is difficult to get rid of. If you don’t remove the entire infestation at the same time, they will continue to reproduce.

But rest assured, this is not a hopeless situation. Some professionals can return your home to a bedbug-free environment.

Professional Bed Bug Services

If you live in Redding, California, you should contact Redding Spray Service at the first sign of bed bug problems. We offer bed bug control services that target bed bugs, which start with a complete inspection of your property to assess the infestation. Once we understand the extent of the infestation, we will use bait and liquid treatments in the affected areas. We also provide a mattress encasement service to stop the pest from getting into your mattress during our services.

Don’t wait; call us immediately at Redding Spray Service if you believe you have bed bugs.

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